© Foto: RennradregionWels: Selfie Wolfgang Fasching am Stadtplatz Wels
Wolfgang Fasching macht ein Selfie mit einer Gruppe Rennradfahrer am Stadtplatz Wels

Off you go with the locals!

On several days of the week, our locals go out in groups and look forward to taking guests with them.


Tuesdays 5:30 pm - Meeting place Mauth Stadion (Doktor-Arming-Straße 51, 4600 Wels)

  • Group 1: athletic excursion 80-100 km (27 km/h)
  • Group 2: intense athletic excursion 80-100 km (30 km/h)

Thursdays 5:30 pm - Meeting point Kohlstatt Guesthouse (Ascheter Straße 40, 4600 Thalheim bei Wels)

  • Group 1: 50-70 km excursion at moderate speed
  • Group 2: intense athletic excursion 80-100 km (30 km/h)

Fridays 2:00 pm - Meeting point Kohlstatt Guesthouse (Ascheter Straße 40, 4600 Thalheim bei Wels)

  • athletic 2-3 hour ride - pace depends on the participants

Saturday 09:30 am - Meeting point Mauth Stadion (Doktor-Arming-Straße 51, 4600 Wels)

On Saturdays and Sundays, there are always numerous other options - departure time and length vary depending on the weather conditions. The latest information about the rides on weekends can be obtained from Astrid Pöcherstorfer-Wolf at Restaurant Olivi.

Date and lenght depent ond the actual weather. In autumn and winter, the excursions might be cancelled for this reason. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to check if an excursion takes place or not.


Workshop & Rental

Our road bike hotels are equipped with the most important tools for making quick repairs to your bike yourself. Our local bike dealers are specialists and will be happy to help you if you require a professional or need to rent a bike:  

4 Sports GmbH - Our rental partner!
Salzburger Straße 72, 4600 Wels
Tel.: 07242 77703 / office@4sports.at 
Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm 
Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Rental rates for road bikes with a carbon frame: 
1 day    €29
2 days  €50
each extra day after that €20
1 week €130

It is best to reserve your bike when you book your room (giving details of body size and ideally step height). If you collect the bike from the shop, it can be adjusted to your needs and you can return it at the hotel. 


Emergency return service 

Has your road bike broken down while you were out and about? Our hoteliers will be happy to help you, there is a goody bag provided by the Wels road bike region with an emergency card, which includes all important telephone numbers. Recover of the bike from the route is organised either by the hotel or ÖAMTC; ARBÖ members can alternatively contact the emergency numbers directly: ÖAMTC – emergency number 120 /ARBÖ – emergency number 1-2-3


After-Bike Active

Looking for more action after the road bike tour? 

  • Swimming and saunas at Welldorado indoor and open-air pool
    You can do everything for your fitness and health in the 6 lanes of the 25 m sports pool.
    The almost 2,000 m² Welldorado facility offers sauna lovers 3 sauna cabins with powerful sauna stoves, 2 Finnish saunas and 2 bio-saunas.
  • Running and enjoying alongside the Traun
    The idyllic running tracks along the Traun start directly at the Welldorado and lead out of the city. Shadowy paths through the forest lead to the Traun water meadows. Relax and dip your feet in the cool waters of the Traun. 
  • Fitness
    Many of our hotels have their own fitness facilities or cooperate with regional fitness studios, just ask about this at the reception. Day tickets are offer by, for example: 
    FitInn (Salzburger Straße 223/SCW 1st floor, Top2) open daily from 6:00 am - 0:00 am 
    Arena Fit+Fun (Pollheimerstraße 7/3) Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 10:00 pm, weekends 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Sport regeneration

  • Sports Massage
    The sports masseurs of the Felbermayr Simplon Wels team can work wonders with a professional hand after a strenuous road bike tour. It’s best to reserve your massage directly when booking your room - the professionals are very much in demand. 
  • Bowen Therapy
    Holistic muscle, fascia and connective tissue technique with the aim of achieving the greatest possible regeneration and performance of the body before and after sporting performance requirements. Specific grips with minimal intervention stimulate mechanoreceptors of the muscle and fascia system, causing the body to reorganise itself. Your contact partner is Michael P. Wipplinger at 07242-932800 - job@mp-wipplinger.at
  • EvoCell® at the Adler Pharmacy
    This medical therapy, the first of its kind in the world, transfers gentle, low-energy shock waves uniformly and vertically from below to the patient, thereby activating regeneration processes in the body. Acute as well as chronic pain are thus sustainably alleviated, the metabolism and lymphatic circulation are stimulated and the body’s detoxification is supported. 
© Foto: Rennradregion Wels: Gemeinsame Ausfahrten
Eine Gruppe Rennradfahrer steht auf Feldstraße, Pause während einer Ausfahrt durch die Rennradregion Wels
© Foto: Rennradregion Wels: Waschplatz Rennrad Hotel Alexandra
Zwei Rennradfahrer reinigen ihre Räder im Hotel Alexandra & Bayrischer Hof