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Other towns in the Wels tourist region

The Wels tourist region consits of the three towns of Wels, Sattledt and Kremsmünster,  but also numerous business located in the surrounding communities of Wels cooperate with the Wels Region Tourist Association. 

In the following towns you will find members of the Wels tourist region.


The town of Marchtrenk, with its 15,000 inhabitants, borders the urban area of Wels to the east and is home to numerous well-known companies. In terms of traffic, the A25 motorway, the B1 federal road or the ÖBB western railway line provide a perfect connection to Wels.



Marchtrenk – Wels 9 km
Marchtrenk – Sattledt: 18 km
Marchtrenk – Kremsmünster 19 km


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Gasthof Fischer
Gasthof Ufermann


The market town of Thalheim on the other side of the Traun River borders directly on Wels in the south and is connected to the city by the Traun Bridge and the bridge on the B138, 2 pedestrian bridges and a railway bridge. The close connection can also be seen on the Reinberg, a hill that belongs to the urban area of Wels, but is also located on the south side of the river and is surrounded by the municipality of Thalheim.



Thalheim – Wels: 800m
Thalheim – Sattledt: 10km
Thalheim – Kremsmünster: 16km


Pension Dorfcafe


The municipality of Steinhaus with approx. 2200 inhabitants is located south of Wels and closes the gap between the two towns of Wels and Sattledt. By train (Almtalbahn) or by car (B138 federal road) you will reach the city center of Wels or the exhibition center in Wels in only few minutes.



Steinhaus – Wels: 6 km
Steinhaus – Sattledt: 7,5 km
Steinhaus – Kremsmünster 15 km


Pension Oberpfennigmayrgut
Pension Viereckl
Hofwirt Grabner

Kematen an der Krems

The municipality of Kematen is located in the Linz Land district and borders directly the town Kremsmünster, which can be easily reached by train. By car (L1239 road) you can reach the city of Wels in about 25 minutes.



Kematen – Wels: 16 km
Kematen – Sattledt: 14,5 km
Kematen – Kremsmünster: 8,6 km


Landgasthof Schicklberg
Golfresort Kremstal
Kirchenwirt Gasthof Strigl


The community of Sipbachzell has 2100 inhabitants and borders directly on Sattledt and Kremsmünster in the south. The best way to get to Wels is via Sipbachzellerstraße and the B138.



Sipbachzell – Wels: 11 km
Sipbachzell – Sattledt: 7 km
Sipbachzell – Kremsmünster: 5,5 km


Gästezimmer Otto Mayr


Gasthaus Zirbenschlössl


The market town of Gunskirchen with approx. 6,280 inhabitants is located west of Wels and is best reached by car via the B1. You can get to Sattledt and Kremsmünster from Gunskirchen in only few minutes on the A8 motorway.



Gunskirchen – Wels: 7 km
Gunskirchen – Sattledt: 16 km
Gunskirchen – Kremsmünster: 22 km



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The city of Traun is the fifth largest city in Upper Austria with around 24,700 inhabitants and is located in the Linz-Land district. The city of Wels is best reached via the B1 and Sattledt and Kremsmünster via the A1 motorway.



Traun – Wels: 18 km
Traun – Sattledt: 25 km
Traun – Kremsmünster: 31 km



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