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Green Meetings & Events in Wels

 Wels is an Austrian energy-saving city and the only one in which all seminar hotels have been awarded the eco-label.

Eco-label strategy for the whole city: A good climate in the truest sense of the phrase prevails at meetings and events in Wels, because for years now the city has provided all the motivation needed for handling resources sustainably with the energy-saving fair. This positive connotation of environmental thinking in conjunction with modern technologies has been extended to the entire event sector through the initiatives of the Wels Business Tourism Office. The city’s strategic focus on Green Meetings & Events in business tourism is unique in Austria. All seminar hotels are certified with the Austrian eco-label. This voluntary following of precisely defined environmental standards is not just a marketing trick. Green Meetings & Events are a trend that is in line with the philosophy and thinking of a growing number of event organisers.

And this “green zone” exudes charm and offers participants a tangibly new attitude towards life.



 Green Events: Real added value

After all, a new, sustainable, decelerating approach has been found here for energy efficiency, waste management, regional value creation, social responsibility and even for mobility, all of which can offer real added value for an individual business event. The Wels Business Tourism Office is the exclusive licensee for the Austrian

eco-label for Green Meetings & Events and certifies events for organisers. This has been done - to name just one current example - for the Academy of Dermatological Training. It was particularly important for the 450 or so doctors from across Austria for this premium event to be certified as a green event. The Wels Business Tourism Office supported the conference from the word go and provided motivational support both during the preparatory phase and during the event itself.


The main Green Event criteria:

  •  Eco-friendly arrival and departure
  • The possibility to travel to the event without a car, thanks to the perfect train connections; side events in the city centre
  • can be reached on foot.
  • Staying in an environmentally certified hotel.
  • All seminar hotels in Wels are environmentally certified.
  • Clear the stage for green events
  • The EventQUARTIER at Messe Wels, the Minoriten Wels, the Welios Science Center, the Museum Angerlehner and the Stadttheater Wels have already held Green Events,
  • i.e. the necessary prerequisites are in place.
  • Responsible handling of resources on site
  • Waste avoidance and environmentally friendly waste disposal; recyclable tableware, recyclable packaging or large packaging for drinks, etc.
  • Regional, seasonal and organic food for your catering
  • Also: regional drinks, environmental protection for marine fish and seafood, animal and species protection, vegetarian dishes, etc. 

You can find more information on the Austrian eco-label for Green Meetings & Events and the criteria here: 


If you too want to make a (environmental) statement with your event, then arrange your Green Meeting in Wels with the Wels Business Tourism Office!


We’d be pleased to advise you on the topic of Green Meeting Upper Austria & Events in Wels!


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